About Wild North

You're here because you want to know more about us.

But we don't like to make things about us.

We like to make them about you.

So let's do this about page a little differently.

If you love:


That fresh evergreen smell atop a mountain.

That "oh crap, did I forget my bear spray?" rush.

Last minute road trips to the ocean.

Living life simply.

Drinking in the moment (or a kettle sour beer).

And shootin' the breeze over a roaring bonfire your friend built (because you couldn't get your damn flint stick to work).

Then you are a lot like us.

We love those things too.

Hey, my name is Steven Hussey, founder of Wild North Gear.

And we make things for people like you.

Get out there & explore!

(And if you need a sassy fanny pack, or rugged rucksack for your journey?)

We've got your back.