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The Bike Frame Bag

The Bike Frame Bag

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Essential Gear for Mountain Bikers and Cyclists

Discover the versatility and sleek design of our Custom Frame Bike Bags, tailored for mountain biking and cycling enthusiasts. These bags offer a streamlined and efficient alternative to traditional backpacks, suitable for a variety of outdoor activities.


Available in three distinct styles to suit your needs.

Slim and compact design, perfect for carrying essentials.

Proudly handcrafted in Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

Compatible with a 1-litre bladder or can hold up to 6 cans of your favorite beverage.

Custom Frame Bags:

Half Frame Bag - 2 Pocket

Includes a drive side pocket and a slim pocket on the opposite side.

Full Frame Bag - 2 Pocket

Features a main drive side pocket and a slim pocket on the opposite side.

Full Frame Bag - 3 Pocket

Comes with two main drive side pockets with a horizontal divider and one slim pocket on the opposite side.

Experience the convenience of our Custom Bike Frame Bags on your next ride or hike.

Instructions for Custom Bag Orders:

When ordering a custom frame bag for your bike, please provide the following information for an ideal fit:

Bike Details: Make of the bike. Model of the bike. Year of manufacture.

Measurements: Inside measurements (length) of the Top Tube, Down Tube, and Seat Tube.

Photograph of Your Bike: A clear side profile picture of your bike.

Ensure the entire bike is visible for accurate assessment.

    Note: Providing precise details is crucial for the custom fitting of your bag to ensure the best functionality and fit.

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